What’s coming up in 2023

Happy New Year! I hope 2023 brings you health and happiness.

Here’s a taster of what you can expect from me this coming year.

My next novel

I’m bursting to tell you about my next novel, Lyrics for the Loved Ones, scheduled for publication in May, but I’m holding back for the cover reveal in March. All I can say right now is that it’s a stand-alone sequel to Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home, set thirty years later.

Releasing an audiobook

Thinking it would be fun to release my next novel as an audiobook as well as in paperback and e-book, I purchased a professional microphone and audiobook for authors course last year. However, several months on, I’m stuck at lesson 1. But I haven’t given up completely. I’ve decided to start small with my collection of prize-winning short stories, Somebody’s Daughter.

Drafting another novel

After losing my creativity to illness in late spring and early summer, and then to editing and the adventure of self-publishing in the second half of the year, I was delighted to delve into a new novel project shortly before Christmas. I had the seed of the story some time ago, but it took a few false starts and dead ends before it could germinate and blossom. I don’t know if I’ll finish The Guest List in 2023, but it’s shaping up well so far into a story of three wounded women intent on revenge.