It is a delight to read

The title is a quote from Annie’s review of Lyrics for the Loved Ones, but also applies to the author’s (i.e. my) response to discovering such positive reviews. Here’s a quote from Left on the Shelf book blog:

I have read many, many books over the years and Matty remains one of my favourite characters.

As ever, the author writes with intelligence, understanding and sensitivity. Her prose is beautiful to read, and she has carefully placed every single word. There is no waffle, not a word is wasted.

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After half a century confined in a psychiatric hospital, Matty has moved to a care home on the Cumbrian coast. Next year, she’ll be a hundred, and she intends to celebrate in style. Yet, before she can make the arrangements, her ‘maid’ goes missing.

Irene, a care assistant, aims to surprise Matty with a birthday visit from the child she gave up for adoption as a young woman. But, when lockdown shuts the care-home doors, all plans are put on hold.

But Matty won’t be beaten. At least not until the Black Lives Matter protests burst her bubble and buried secrets come to light.

Will she survive to a hundred? Will she see her ‘maid’ again? Will she meet her long-lost child?

Rooted in injustice, balanced with humour, this is a bittersweet story of reckoning with hidden histories in cloistered times.

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