A Big Event in the House of Windsor

As you probably know, the Windsors of Buckingham Palace have had a shindig this weekend. Meanwhile, the character known as Matilda Windsor is about to feature in her third book. Yes, Matilda Windsor is now officially a trilogy.

I can’t help viewing the festivities through Matty’s eyes. While I’m sure she’d love to hobnob with royalty, she was rather confused by the Trooping the Colour ceremony when she watched it on TV in the first chapter of Lyrics for the Loved Ones. But it did give her the idea for a grand gala to celebrate her own centenary. And she refused to be beaten when lockdown got in the way.

I wonder if she’d feel at home in Buckingham Palace, or one of the smaller royal residences. In her long life she has lived in some fine buildings, although not always by choice. Her first abode was a rented room she shared with her mother in a harbour cottage with a communal privy. Although that might have been her happiest, she was deeply impressed by The Willows, a three-storey Victorian terrace, which she moved to when her widowed mother remarried in Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home.

Most of that novel, and its prequel, Stolen Summers, is set in Ghyllside psychiatric hospital which, because of its grandeur, Matty takes for her family’s stately home. She’s shed those pretensions by the time she moves to Scarrowdale, the care home in Lyrics for the Loved Ones. But that’s also an impressive building, albeit on a smaller scale.

Scarrowdale is a former shipping magnate’s mansion overlooking the Cumbrian coast. But Matty is appalled when she discovers how it was financed. Perhaps you would be too.

All three books will be on special offer in e-book format this month in honour of the coronation the Matilda Windsor series. Lyrics for the Loved Ones – is launching a discount; Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home is even cheaper; and Stolen Summers currently costs nothing at all. Why not pick up the set?