Stolen Summers

All she has left is her sanity. Will the asylum take that from her too?

In 1939, Matilda is admitted to Ghyllside hospital, cut off from family and friends. Not quite twenty, and forced to give up her baby for adoption, she feels battered by the cruel regime. Yet she finds a surprising ally in rough-edged Doris, who risks harsh punishments to help her reach out to the brother she left behind.

Twenty-five years later, the rules have relaxed, and the women are free to leave. How will they cope in a world transformed in their absence? Do greater dangers await them outside?

The poignant prequel to Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home is a tragic yet tender story of a woman robbed of her future who summons the strength to survive.

a sparkling five star read. Grace J Reviewer Lady

Matty, and those around her, leap off the page and are utterly
. Left on the Shelf

Anne Goodwin has a talent with the way she writes. She brings the
characters to life, gives them soul.
Honest Mam Reader

seamlessly blends fact with fiction, to give a wonderfully textured,
rich in atmosphere, immersive work, with true visual depth and range
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